Online Marketing Smartness.
Digital Brain x Product Genius
Imagine your future in-house ecommerce team transformed based on data-driven insights for sustainable brand growth. Say goodbye to mundane digital marketing agencies, incapable headhunters and boring consultancy presentations. Embrace a new agile era where creativity is empowered by analytics, talent and AI.
Why - The Importance of Marketing Intelligence
"Companies that harness creativity and data in tandem
have growth rates twice as high as companies that don’t."
- McKinsey Study
Your Opportunity
Digital Marketing ROI…
Our clients are often masterfully manage their day-to-day ecommerce operations. But when it comes to digital analytics and technical expertise, they often face limitations. Traditional online marketing agencies fall short, failing to deliver the value they need, on time, within budget, and without compromising quality.
However, from revamping performance marketing to accelerating brand growth, measuring ad success to automating marketing efforts, state-of-the-art approaches and best practices can vastly improve your bottom line performance.
Our Solution
Agile Marketing Transformation…
Unlock the untapped potential in Ecommerce with our highly complementary expertise.
We act as a catalyst for your digital transformation through marketing intelligence, empowering them to drive sustainable growth and outsmart the competition.
With our analytics-based and research-driven tactics, we are here to lift your in-house digital marketing team to new heights and reduce reliance on outdated agencies.
How - Your Game Plan


Quick Wins
Marketing cost savings, process optimisation and increased performance media ROI within days or weeks*.


Short-Term Wins
Improved vendor portfolios, in-house capabilities and AI utilisation within weeks or months*.


Mid-Term Wins
Effective & efficient data-driven brand and full funnel marketing within months or quarters*.


Long-Term Wins
digiltair disrupts your marketing, taking it from cost silo to agile profit center within a quarters or years*.
* Speed varies based on your willingness and ability to transform your marketing organisation.
What - The Service Portfolio
Online Marketing &
Ecommerce Analytics…
  • Audits
  • Dashboarding & Reporting
  • Tracking & Measurement
  • Analytical Operational Support
  • Marketing Tech & Vendor Portfolio Optimisation
Marketing Talent
Lifecycle Enrichment…
  • Team Audits
  • Interim Management
  • Active Sourcing
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Onboarding Support
  • Training and Retention
Practical Marketing AI
  • Marketing Automation
  • AI-Optimised Campaign Adoption
  • Machine Learning-Based Marketing Attribution
  • Ecommerce Personalisation
Who - Your Sparrings Partner
Meet Tim (connect on LinkedIn), founder of digiltair: experienced online marketing strategist & hands-on ecommerce expert drawing on experience steering lifestyle brands such as Esprit, s.Oliver, C&A, Opus, Gorilla Sports and retailers like Snipes or Breuninger in digital. With his extensive operational track record as 3x startup COO and former Managing Director of HomeToGo, he uniquely combines passion for data-driven innovation and his ability to turn potential into reality.
When - digiltair x You
Start boosting your online marketing smartness level.
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